Valentine Cards

Every year, I try to do something creative for Valentine's day. I love the colors, romantic florals, and seeing hearts everywhere. This year I decided to make some simple Valentines for a few for my friends. First, I sketched out a heart and used it as a stencil. Next, I used some tape to section off the hearts. I recently fell in love with gouache since it has the properties of a watercolor, but the opacity of an acrylic. 

 My water looks like cool-aid

My water looks like cool-aid

After the paint dried, I removed the tape and began writing on them with gold ink. I use a Finetec palette that includes a variety of metallic colors. 


As I was writing messages on these cards, I realized these valentines have various uses. I just handed them out to my friends with a personal message on the back but they would be nice as place cards if you were throwing a Galentine's dinner or you could use them as a card for your floral arrangements (pictured above). They would also be nice as gift tags with some ribbon!  

Suzi Chang