All orders will require an additional $20 set-up fee.


Envelope Addressing:

Outer envelope- $2.75 per envelope (includes names, and address) 

Inner envelope- $1.50 per envelope (names only)



Vows-$1 per line

Quotes- $1 per line


Signage (available in card stock, chalkboard, glass, mirrors, and wood):

Place Cards- $1.50 per card (includes name and table number)

Small (4"x6"-8"x10")- $20-$40

Medium (16"x20")- $50

Large (36"x40" and up)- $100+

*these prices are estimates, please inquire for exact pricing. 


The customer can provide the materials I will be lettering on (envelopes, paper, chalkboards, glass, etc) or I can provide the materials for an additional fee.